Monday, May 5, 2014

Looking Forward to the 5th!

Today is an exciting day not because it's Cinco de Mayo but because the 5th of each month is when Swagbucks pays out the monthly bonuses! As the new day resets, there's a Daily Goal set by Swagbucks. If you reach that goal, you get bonus SBs on the 5th of the following month. If you reach the second goal, which is called the Total Goal, you get even more bonus SBs! The great thing is that if you are consistent with attaining the Daily Goal, you can get winning streaks. For example, if you get your Daily Goal seven days in a row, you'll get an extra 25 SB. I know it doesn't seem like much because that's only equivalent to $0.25, but it's still $0.25 you didn't have beforehand! Plus, you've all seen how I've paid for CVS hauls with just pocket change like that! Then it's even better because reaching the goal for 30 days means an extra 300 SB/$3!

I went back to check my ledger to see how much I made in bonuses alone. I signed up for SB at the end of last August, but I really didn't do much other than the Daily Poll and NOSO. The reason why I started it was because I had a crafting/couponing friend who said she printed her coupons from Swagbucks because when they're redeemed, she would get 10 SBs. I figured I was printing coupons out anyway, and they were the same ones so I might as well see if it would do me any good. I didn't anticipate it turning into a great way to purchase the fun things I wouldn't have spent money on out of pocket (seasons of Top Chef on iTunes) and even the necessary things like groceries (Target gift cards)! At this point, I've claimed $265 in gift cards and am currently waiting on another $75. Plus, I have the equivalent of $34 right now that I haven't yet "spent." 

I've really taken advantage of the bonuses though, so that's why I really enjoy the 5th! Take a look at the last few months compared to April. From bonuses alone, I got the equivalent of $10.38 since each SB is pretty much worth one penny (unless you're getting those $5 Amazon cards that are only 450)!

I love that it has and is going to continue helping us pay for our groceries and also the gifts that we are purchasing for our friends and family members who are having babies. Of course, you know I'm going to have to end by including my referral link once again (click here to sign up!)! Thank you to those of you who have used that link to start earning SB too!

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