Friday, May 30, 2014

Simple Dinner Dates

Though Howard and I very rarely actually go out on a date and eat at a restaurant anymore, I still get really excited when he comes home from work and we  can have our at home dinner date every night instead! It's much cheaper that way. Plus, when we eat food from restaurants, we find that we have to drink water all night long because of the amount of salt that's used because we aren't used to it. 

Tonight's dinner was really simple. I had defrosted chicken breast and needed to use it tonight, so I just cut it up into pieces and cooked it with a little bit of olive oil. I'm not Italian in the slightest, so I don't mind using sauce from a jar, haha. This was the Emeril vodka sauce. I also had to use two different sized pennes (one was Market Pantry and the other was Barilla) because I had a little bit in each box left from other recipes where I needed to measure the amount of pasta. For the veggie side, I roasted green beans.

It's definitely nothing fancy, but it was rather satisfying! Even the simple, inexpensive dinners with my best friend are still memorable in my eyes.

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