Thursday, May 8, 2014

Here's the Mail It Never Fails ...

With all the freebies I request online, getting the mail can be really exciting! Today was a fun day as I got my box from Sample Source, which included a pack of Eight O'Clock coffee, a sampling of Garnier shampoo, a Breathe Right strip, a Colgate toothbrush, and two kinds of Tums. I've mentioned it before, but I really enjoy trying new items through samples because I'm responsible for purchasing items like these for the two of us. Getting to test things out before shelling out any money makes it a lot easier to make the decision to buy later on. And of course, even if there are a lot of items that are similar, I am more willing to buy the one I had already tried so it's a smart move on the manufacturer's part!

This other freebie was really exciting! On National Pretzel Day, Auntie Anne's had an offer on their Facebook page. I just happened to wake up from a nap on that Saturday in time to sign up with my account and on Howard's Facebook account. Yay for two coupons for FREE pretzels! 

I wonder what will come in the mail tomorrow!


  1. What is Sample Source? I don't remember you mentioning them before. Sounds like a neat way to try out products before purchasing them.

    1. Sample Source is just one site where I get freebies. They release them every few months or something like that. I can't remember how often it is, but this is only my second box. You have to register with them and then make sure you're available when the samples actually go live ( So far I've gotten every sample each time, so it's fun! Afterwards, there are just super quick survey questions about them.