Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Five Months and It Happened

Alas, I knew the day would come at one point or another where I totally didn't post on the blog for the day. In the past, I've adjusted the time on updates that I was writing late in the night, but I never completely skipped a day. After proctoring in the morning and then helping with office work in the afternoon, I was just so tired by the time I got home. Combining that with the pain and fatigue I had started to feel earlier in the morning, there was no way I had energy to do anything. I took a shower and then went to bed. I didn't even eat dinner, brush my teeth, or dry my hair! The hubs woke me up at one point, but there was really no way I was even moving. I'm really glad I said no to subbing/proctoring today because it's just the Tylenol and me.

Even so, it's kind of a disappointment that I missed a day, so even though it's already Wednesday morning, I am going to post this as Tuesday. I typically like including pictures in posts, so I decided to use this one, which is my older brother and me at MGM long before it was DHS. Haha, our faces are hilarious. We're in Disney World; why are we not smiling?! The expressions just fit this update because it's like, "Did you seriously skip posting on time? We're so disappointed in you."

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