Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cuz I Married a Geek ...

... I am posting a "May the Fourth Be With You" update for today! I admit that I haven't watched all the Star Wars movies at this point. I have watched the original three a few times when I was a kid because either my dad or my older brother had it on the TV at home. However, I don't really remember everything from the movies, and I'm sure I didn't understand it all either! I think this 3-year old knows the plot better than I do even now! We've watched this cutie on YouTube so many times because she's adorable as she retells the story as she sees it.

One day I will watch the movies. Eventually. Maybe. Okay, I probably will since I totally promised Howard a long time ago way before we went on our Disneymoon during Star Wars Weekends. In the meantime, I'll just wear the one Star Wars-related merchandise I have, which is this bow from abowtiqueshop on Etsy and enjoy riding Star Tours over and over again in hopes of getting all the different scenarios!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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