Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rewarding Myself with a New Cartridge

Oh dear, did I have a rough day subbing! The last time I subbed for second grade, I had a fairly pleasant day. Today was a bit more difficult because the kids undoubtedly have spring fever! Though there were some pleasant memories of the day (it is still teaching, after all), the handful of students who were misbehaving really drained me. I just feel that there is an obvious difference between the kids who might need correction or encouragement to make the right choices and focus on the work and the kids who make the choice to be disobedient. The important thing right now though is that it's over, haha. Plus, I know that because I was willing to go in, my teacher friends wouldn't have to lose their preps to cover.

Yesterday when I got the email asking me if I could sub, I had already seen that was having a 30% off sale on cartridges. I was looking at the digital cartridge for Create a Friend (I'd have access to it in Cricut Craftroom and wouldn't have to use a physical cartridge). I thought it was $20, but maybe I misread it because this morning I saw that it was $27.99. Then I decided to check Amazon and saw that it was $19.99! I decided that it'd be my reward for going in and that it was worth spending part of my paycheck even though it technically isn't spending a dime since I did use a gift card to get it. Even though I didn't have to pay anything out of pocket, I'm still considering it my reward!

Howard was able to use his sister's Prime account for the free 2-day shipping, so it'll be here soon! Hopefully, by then I will be fully recovered from the stress of the day, haha.

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