Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lord, the Sky's Still Blue ...

... for my hope is in You ... (anyone remember Point of Grace?)

These pictures are definitely not like the ones hubs takes of the sky, but I just had to snap these two quick pictures when we were in the car coming home from church. That sky was an insanely beautiful blue, and the clouds looked so fluffy!

The one above is right off the Manhattan Bridge, and the one below is when we're closer to home. I really thought it was amazing also to see how dark it looked underneath the clouds despite the bright shining sun above because they were so dense.

Despite how gorgeous it was today, I was very happy to be home a little earlier than normal because I ate a good amount of Chinese food yesterday at the wedding banquet. I easily get sick even when I eat a lot less, but I was hungry yesterday, so I ate more and also didn't have tea because I didn't want to deal with the caffeine issues. The pain I felt starting at the end of this morning's service once we stood up for the doxology was so severe; I haven't felt that way in a long time. There's really only so much that my body can handle especially as it functions without a gallbladder too! That can't be making it any better.

But at least the food was good, haha. I'm doing much better now, thankfully, but I think I'll have to go back to limiting what I eat when it comes to Chinese food!

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