Sunday, June 8, 2014

A LONG Sunday

Alas, it just didn't work out for me today. I hate when that happens.

I woke up this morning still feeling a lot of the sinus pain I had felt last night. I actually had to put Chinese medicine on my forehead and cheeks just to fall asleep because it hurt so much. It probably doesn't help that we have just a ton of trees and the highway right outside our window, and we breathe that in every day. Unfortunately, my stomach wasn't feeling the greatest either, but I figured I'd be okay. My mom suggested I take Tylenol Sinus, which I usually avoid because I get side effects from EVERY medicine I take even if it's just over-the-counter. But I knew our pastor was starting his sermon series on 2 Corinthians, and I also didn't want to miss Sunday School so I pushed through it. That didn't work out for me in the long run though because the drowsiness I can handle (yes, I even get drowsy from that!), but the heart palpitations made me feel worse. I felt faint by the time we got to Chinatown, and I contemplated going home once we got out of the car.

I did have to sit for a while though, and I kept telling myself I'd feel better soon. Howard and I stayed for the morning service, but then I knew I had to go home afterwards. I couldn't last until possibly 3pm. Hubs had to actually work today, and he was going to go after Sunday School, but we had to alter the plan instead. Thankfully, I have such a patient husband who let me stop and sit down as often as I needed while we were walking to the ferry. We talked on the way because I wanted some distractions from how I was feeling, but I was fading fast. 

Howard was going to actually take the ferry with me and then take it back to the city to go to work, but I told him I didn't want him to lose over an hour of time just commuting. He waited with me at the terminal, but I summoned the energy to finish the rest of the commute by myself. 

After the ferry, I got on a bus. I did ask for a transfer, but when I got off the first bus, I didn't want to wait for the second one. I just needed to feel that with each minute that passed, I was getting closer to home. It ended up being a smart move because I walked a pretty good distance and got to the bus stop where I would have gotten off without the bus even passing by! Howard checked his app from work and said that it was far off, so I was really glad I just decided to take my time and walk.

Once I got home, I cooled off with a blast of AC, but then I turned it off because I knew it would exacerbate my sinus pressure. I was craving salt, so I had chicken noodle soup. It did help a lot, so I was probably lacking sodium in my system, which didn't help the low blood pressure feelings I was having. I konked out and took a nap and woke up when Howard was home for a while and just kept drinking. I'm sure I was partly dehydrated too since I never drink that much at once. 

It felt like such a long day, but I'm so grateful that God sustained me to make it all the way home! Here's hoping that I'll feel better tomorrow!


  1. Aww glad you made it home safely! Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thank you! Thankfully, I do feel better today. I slept a lot so hopefully that was the end of whatever that was because I'm subbing tomorrow!

  2. Oh dear, nothing worse than being sick and trying to get home! I'm glad you made it back safe and sound. I hope you feel better!!

    1. Isn't it the worst? It stinks that there had to be so many forms of transportation too as opposed to one direct way!