Saturday, June 7, 2014

Quick CVS-ing

I've mentioned before that I don't bother going to CVS anymore unless (1) there's a great deal that doesn't require a lot of work or rolling or (2) they send me free Extra Bucks for doing a survey. Today was one of those days where the deal was just too good to pass up that I actually did it on my card and Howard's card. I also have the extra little card to put on the key ring for my mom as well, so I was able to pick one up for her too. I did go to 3 separate stores including the one in the mall since I had to go to return something there anyway.

The Colgate toothpaste was on sale for $3 this past week, but they were giving everyone a $2 coupon from the red box. This week there was also a $1 off manufacturer's coupon online for any size, so that meant these were completely FREE! I did have to pay $0.18 in tax when I did the transaction in the mall for some reason whereas the other two didn't cost anything. That's okay by me because even if I divide the cost, it's still just $0.06 for the toothpaste that we actually like. Quick and painless ... definitely my kind of couponing and could be yours too!

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