Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Saturday Morning Alarm

I'm used to always setting an alarm in the morning even on Saturdays because I hate feeling as if I've wasted time sleeping. I'd much rather get up early and then take a nap later in the afternoon. Even so, I don't set it too early on Saturdays because it is definitely our day to sleep in a little bit. However, this upcoming Saturday requires an earlier alarm and NO snoozing! Why is that?

Yay for $1 flip flops at Old Navy! I went last year to try to get them, but I was way too late as there were only a few left in size 10 or so. Howard was able to get two pairs, but I was left with nothing. So sad. This year, I'm not missing out! My black pair is now a bit concave, and it's like stepping into a ditch. My back-up pair is gray, but that is now my home slippers, so I need new ones badly! I would actually buy them regular price if I had to since I get so much use out of them, but I'm not passing up on this sale. If possible, I'm going to be picking up the maximum of 5! Here's hoping all the Old Navy cardholders don't buy them out the day before!

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