Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Stretches and Jump Ropes

I subbed once again yesterday, but it was for the gym teacher! I had never done gym before, but the regular teacher was on the 8th grade overnight trip. Thankfully, there are two teachers for gym, so even though I was there, I wasn't the one in charge since I didn't know how their regular routine. I just went along with what the other teacher did and supervised the kids. There definitely needed to be an extra set of eyes when dealing with the lower elementary school gym periods!

I was actually grateful to be in the gym yesterday as I wasn't entirely feeling the regular classroom setting since the kids obviously had spring fever since school ends next week! I had homeroom in the morning and then one period of 6th grade Spanish, but they were just taking a test. Then it was time to go downstairs.

It was funny when the other teacher said, "Mrs. F is going to be here with us today so let's give her a warm welcome!" and some of the little kids were like, "Mrs. F? It's Miss L!" or "Can we still call you Miss L?" I'm all for that. Sorry, Howard! I just really like my original last name, but at school, I of course had to switch it to Mrs F.

Another moment that really touched my heart was when the 3rd and 4th graders came for their gym period. One of the girls ran up to me to hug me like she always does when she sees me there subbing, and she said, "Are you going to come back? You should get a job here." One of the other girls also came up to hug me, which totally melted my heart because she's usually a bit shy around me.

I did the stretches with all the grades, and then the younger kids played "Red Light, Green Light" where a few of them couldn't spit out that phrase correctly or turned around before saying "1, 2, 3!". Then the classes were divided for soccer. In the morning, there were some minor injuries, but they were the kind that kids complain about so as to get another student in trouble even though it was clearly accidental (ex. "So-and-so kicked me!") and there were a few kids who cried for other reasons too. There were lots of "That's not fair!" and "I'm not playing anymore!" and "You're a liar; you're cheating!" Haha, I have to say I was glad to get those periods out of the way in the morning before a period of lunch duty, a period of my own lunch where I got to chat with friends during 2nd lunch, and then gym with middle school.

The older kids knew how to pick teams and plan games by themselves. They kind of had "free" periods in that there wasn't one organized activity with everyone. Most of them played "Knockout" or "21" at the basketball hoops while others practiced flips and such because they dance and do gymnastics. The other gym teacher said that she recently brought in jump ropes and not all of them knew how to do it! So we did a lot of jump rope too, mainly with the girls. At one point, I even jumped a bit, but I didn't last too long since it was right after lunch! I really don't know how the kids can be so active after eating! The first period after lunch was outdoors, but we soon moved it back indoors because it was kind of a stifling heat. It was fine to just be outside and sit, but since the kids were being active, it was a bit too much. Kids kept asking to go inside to get a drink. Even I was excited to head back in because the school had the air conditioning on.

I have to say that the BEST part about subbing for gym is that I get to go to work wearing a t-shirt, sweatpants, and sneakers!

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