Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Just a Day

Today was one of those days where I had to keep track of the time so that I could take some acetaminophen every 6 hours. Thankfully, I have made the conscious decision to always take the full dosage whenever I'm in pain instead of trying to slide with just taking one. I know taking any type of medicine isn't necessarily the greatest thing, but I tell myself that at least this has the doctor's approval as opposed to the ibuprofen that I haven't been allowed to take since I started going to my gastroenterologist!

Since I was dealing with pain and kind of half asleep at times because of the pills, I didn't do as much around the apartment. I did, however, finally vacuum the area around my computer. There was so much dust stuck on the ventilation parts of the thingie that houses the hard drive. Look at me and my lack of computer speak, haha. At first, I was wondering why the vacuum wasn't sucking anything up, but then I realized I hadn't emptied it in a bit. It's kind of insane to see just how much dust and hair accumulates in such a small amount of space! I can't imagine everything that would get stuck on the floor if we had carpet instead of the hardwood floors we have.

Two days ago I finally washed all my reusable water bottles (three of the five being Camelbaks from LL Bean) and all of our tumblers. A tumbler and a disposable straw really help me drink a lot more water throughout the day, so other than hot water I drank in a mug, I downed 3 full tumblers worth of water so far. I think that's definitely helping with how I'm feeling today.

Here's hoping for a restful night of sleep! I had a really bad dream last night, and Howard actually had to wake me up from it because he said I was fidgeting and clearly agitated and upset. I had a dream that I was asking a random girl who was also a teacher what kind of math she taught when she just stared at me and couldn't get any coherent words out. She was apparently having a stroke, and the rest of the seemingly long dream was my trying to get her the hospital to have her taken care of. There was a lot of screaming for someone to call 911, driving a double decker bus to a hospital in Disney World, and then yelling at the nurses in the waiting room when every one of them said, "She's not my patient; I'm not the one taking care of her." It was extremely stressful, and I'm glad that Howard woke me up before it had to keep going on. I unfortunately have a tendency of having vivid dreams!

Have a wonderful rest of the night!

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