Saturday, June 28, 2014

At the Zoo: Then and Now

Back in 2009, Howard and I went to our local zoo on a date. We knew it was really small and weren't expecting too much. It's the kind of zoo that you'd only go to if you lived in the borough. It's definitely a place to take the elementary school kids on an easy field trip because all the animals could be enjoyed within the time frame of a regular school day. But for a Saturday together, it was definitely a memorable date.

A little over 5 years later, Howard and I went back to the zoo and had a blast! They added more animals for us to enjoy! Though it may never be the Bronx Zoo, San Diego Zoo, or Smithsonian National Zoo, I really like that we actually have a zoo just 5 minutes away from our house and free admission thanks to tickets my mom still has saved from when I was a kid. 

We very rarely have date-dates out anymore since married life comes with responsibilities, but it's always nice to have fun days like this. The greatest thing was that because it's a local zoo, we made kind of a last-minute decision this morning to head on over there. Stay tuned for a more detailed blog post (or posts!) of our zoo fun!

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