Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Angry Birds? Candy Crush? What Are Those?

I've mentioned money-saving and money-earning apps a few times in my couponing posts, but I just wanted to write about them again since I've actually had great success with them since then! The apps take up memory on my phone, but I'd much rather have those than the games that everyone gets addicted to. Why would I want Angry Birds and Candy Crush when I have Cartwheel and Shopkick? And let's not forget Instagram since it's the easiest way for me to keep updated on deals and clearance items!

Saved/Earned: I've claimed and redeemed $140 in iTunes gift cards. They were used to buy 5 seasons of Top Chef and the Veronica Mars movie. I also got a $10 Target e-gift card that I added to the Target app to use in the store. I'm waiting for another $15 iTunes gift card to be delivered as well as a $25 card to Target so that's $190! I also have enough Swagbucks as I'm writing this to claim another $65.
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This is by far the GREATEST way to earn some extra cash. Most of it is done online on my computer, but I do have the SwagbucksTV app on my phone, so I figured I could count it as an app. I wrote a long post about it about two months ago, so I won't really go into it much here, but I had to mention it again because I've been claiming gift cards as you can see above.

Saved/Earned: I recently cashed out for a $10 iTunes gift card and already redeemed it in my account. My current balance is now $0.75.
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There are some couponers who have purchased items because of Ibotta offers, but I pretty much only use it if it happens to match up with something I'm already buying from the supermarkets with coupons anyway. Even if you don't submit receipts all the time, I think it's worth having it for the times that they release offers for gallons of milk, eggs, any loaf of bread, or any cereal. Since Howard and I drink lactose-free milk, I can never get in on the milk offers since we don't buy the gallons, but that would also be a great way since they give you extra when you claim the milk plus two others. My more recent submissions were for Yoplait yogurt, Halos Mandarin oranges, Seventh Generation dish detergent, and Special K cereal.

Saved/Earned: I've claimed and used $20 in Target gift cards so far. Each $5 gift card required 1250 kicks, and after getting and using one today, I now have 352 kicks left.
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I love that I can just accumulate kicks when I walk into stores. When I hit the mall, I park at JCPenney and get 50 kicks and then make sure to walk by Macy's (50 kicks), American Eagle (35 kicks), and aerie (35 kicks). Too bad Old Navy is no longer in the mall itself because that'd be more! Target is really where I get the most because I get kicks from walking in the store and then scanning items throughout the store. Even though I don't take the time to look for all the items anymore, I'll get a few especially when it's like 3 different types of ZzzQuil, which are right next to each other. It's gotten to the point where I actually had to wait days before I can get kicks from certain stores because I was running errands so often because there's a monthly cap or something. I also make sure I open the app every day and get my one daily kick and then scroll through the Editor's Books to get the kicks from those each day too. I'm looking forward to another Blue Friday or some other special occasion where each store was worth 200 kicks! There are specials on the weekends though so that makes errands on the weekend worth it if you're willing to put up with potential crowds.

Saved/Earned: I've saved $13.96 so far!
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Though the majority of the percent savings on Cartwheel seem small at just 5% of 10%, the savings really add up especially since there are grocery offers as well. I did a rough estimation when I first started getting milk at Target and figured that in just one year, I'd save over $4 using the Cartwheel milk offer. That's $4 in our pockets instead of giving it to the store. It pays to check the app every day if you can because there are new ones added all the time that can be super high! I bought the Special K with a 50% off Cartwheel and manufacturer coupon and then submitted the receipts to Ibotta for boxes of cereal for just a few coins. My favorite recent addition is that there's an option to just scan the barcode of any item, and it'll let you know if there are any offers that match up with it. That makes it so much easier instead of searching for the brand name or the product. If possible, I scan all the items before making it to the front to pay just in case there's something I've missed even though my shopping trips are typically planned very well ahead of time. If you've been following my blog for a while, you've seen how I spend pocket change in my CVS hauls, so I might as well save the pocket change in my Target trips.

Saved/Earned: I haven't gotten any rewards yet, but I currently have 942 coins. Once I get 58 more coins, I can get a $5 Amazon gift card.
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This is probably one of the easiest phone apps to use because all you do is take pictures of your receipts without having to search for offers to match up as is required with Ibotta and Checkout 51. The payout isn't as fast, but I really don't mind because I'm in for the long haul! I've gotten to the point where I actually take a picture of my receipts within a day or two. I've forgotten some in the past! Basically, you get coins for the receipts and then you get potential to spin for more coins. Now they've added the option to scan the barcodes of products once the receipts have been added.

Saved/Earned: I have earned $2.50 so far, but I can't request a check to be mailed to me unless I have $20. I recently downloaded this one.
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This is similar to Ibotta, but the biggest difference is that there are new offers added each week so there's less time to claim an offer. However, the options seem to be a bit more fitting to what I would purchase including fresh fruit and vegetable offers. For example, this week there's a $0.25 cash back on apples. I also like that they have non-brand specific options like orange juice, milk, and bacon. I haven't claimed any of them, but it'll just be another app I keep on my phone and check each week to see if anything happens to match up.

Saved/Earned: I've earned $1.56 so far.
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This is actually something I use online on my computer so don't mind that it's on this list! It's basically a way to load coupons to your store loyalty cards so you don't need to clip coupons. I don't necessarily think that that's the greatest thing because the coupons do not double, so I'd rather print out my own unless it's a coupon that I can't actually access to print. The thing I do like about it is that they have a healthy offer each week where you can get a percent back. The $1.56 that I have in my account right now is because I added the 20% of fresh asparagus deal to all my cards (I just typed in my card numbers into the website for CVS, Pathmark, and Stop & Shop). I think that alone is reason enough to sign up because that means I can get some money back when buying fresh fruit and vegetables. You can also shop online through SavingStar to get percent back. I know a lot of people use ebates or some other site like that, so it's worth looking into to get some cash back through any of these options.

I hope you've found some tips on good apps to download and gotten some motivation to save some money or earn some fun money!


  1. Kimberly (NeverlandClub23)April 11, 2014 at 10:18 PM

    I used your referral link for Swagbucks so I hope you get the credit! Thank you for breaking this all down. You're my couponing inspiration! I don't use a lot of those programs because I don't have a smartphone, but I need to be better about printing out coupons.

    1. Thanks! I get 10% of what you earn on SB, so I appreciate people who sign up using my link. If you print out coupons via Swagbucks, you get 10 SB for every one redeemed in a store! I think that's a great thing to do to save money and then earn a little via SB too! Hope it works out for you. I know I had issues with the site in the beginning because I didn't quite understand how to make a lot each day. Let me know if you'd like some pointers!

  2. That's awesome! I've been making sure to hit my daily goal (my ultimate goal is to cash out for Paypal to be able to completely pay for our resort room at Disney World), but I would love any pointers! Basically, I've just been doing the daily things and then watching the TV clips. Also, do you have a list of blogs/sites that you read or check for discounts and freebies? I know you've mentioned some before, but I wasn't sure if you'd done a blog post about that in the past (I love your blog! Even though I don't craft, I love reading about that too!).

    1. That's a great goal! I think it's fun getting Swagbucks to pay for the fun things in life though I have been requesting Target gift cards now that I know I do a lot of grocery shopping there.

      Here are the things I do every day other than the Daily Poll, NOSO, and Daily Crave:

      (1) WATCH - I do the 10 videos for 3 SB. I just like that I can click it and have it on while I'm online and can go to the next video whenever I have the chance. I usually have the Uzoo videos playing in the Pets & Travel category because they're short and the animals are cute, haha.

      (2) ENCRAVE (in the DISCOVER tab) - Usually there are videos that play automatically as long as you set Discovery Mode at the top. Once in a while, they don't, but even the ones that require clicking "Like It" or "Not For Me" are good because once you finish, it'll pay out at least 4 SB. I have Encrave open in another window and I just shrink my main window so I can see when to click next on the side.

      (3) PAID SURVEYS (in ANSWER tab) - There are a lot of survey options, but personally, I've had more luck with the Daily Surveys. If you qualify and complete one, it gives you 60 SB that usually pays out within a few minutes. They do require patience though because sometimes they can be long and boring (ex. the ones about banks and stuff, but I've also done surveys on fast food restaurants and products).

      (4) SWAGBUCKS TV MOBILE APP (download SBTV app) - These videos play automatically so when I'm home, I just make sure my iPhone is plugged in because it'd drain my battery if I did it when I was at work or something. Click a video and then it goes on its own except for a few ads here and there. For every 5 videos, you get 2 SB. You can get a total of 50 SB a day if I'm remembering correctly (they might have changed it to 40 recently?). I just let it go until it says "Daily Allotment of SB has been reached." There's also the EntertaiNow app that does the same thing, but it's 10 videos for 2 SB so it takes much longer. By the time I finish with SBTV, I don't usually have time for EntertaiNow unless I happened to be home all day long.

      (5) I check sc-s.com every once in a while for any codes that are released. There's usually one per day that is given on the blog or Twitter or FB page. I just check that website instead of looking for the codes. Also, make sure you join any of the group challenges (they'd be on the top left of the home page; they just had one last week). Even if you just do the Daily Poll during the time period, you'll automatically get SB at the end depending on what place your team is in. For the last two challenges, I've been on the team in last place, but I still get 10 SB from it!

      That's basically what I do to reach my daily goal and hopefully my total goal too. I love the 5th of each month when the bonuses are paid out. Suddenly my total will jump a lot because I'm pretty diligent about at least reaching the daily goal and getting the streaks. For March, I got an extra 651 from the Daily Meter Bonus and 300 from the Meter Super Bonus, so the 951 is essentially $9.51!

    2. As for freebie websites, these are the best that I've found so far:


      I'm glad you enjoy my blog! Sometimes I feel as if I'm just rambling, haha, but I mainly do it for myself and to possibly help others save some money too!

    3. Whoops, left one out!