Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Couponing Ecards

I follow a few couponers on Instagram and also check a few hashtags while on the app, so I've come across a few of these when on the quest for a good deal. There are more than the ones I'm posting down below, but I find these particularly funny!

Thankfully, I've never had any one have an issue like this before. Well, at least not to my knowledge! I know that I've had a handful of people watch me especially at Target as I hand over a stack of coupons and then have mobile coupons and Cartwheel scanned on my phone. I've seen how they look at the cashier's screen too to see how much the final price decreases. It's pretty fun sometimes! Other times I see people in front of me check out for items I know have coupons, and I cringe knowing that they could get it cheaper. If I had them on me, I'd totally share, but since most of my coupons are internet printables, I only print what I use. 

I have definitely forgotten to use coupons in the past, but the only time I go back to get it corrected is if I haven't yet left the parking lot. I don't think it's worth the gas and time to go back, so that's why I watch the screen as the cashier scans each one and I check the receipt. In the supermarkets and Target, I usually check before I leave the store or if it's extremely detailed, I sit in my car and check it against my shopping list. 

This is definitely me! I like a variety of companies because of the coupons or the possibility of wins/prizes. Sometimes it's the best place to go for coupons for specific items. Recently, I was able to get high value coupons for Tribe Hummus, which is the only reason I tried the product. I've tried to convince my mom to sign up for an account solely for the connection to companies!

The last trip when I actually had time on my hands to check all the endcaps, I got so disoriented! Part of me still isn't used to the new Target because I really only go to certain areas. Any time I try to check the center aisles (more of the home stuff), I feel as if I get lost and have to figure out where the front of the store is, haha. The older Target is better with clearance though because I feel as if not as many people go there anymore. 

The other day I had a itsJudysLife vlog on where Julianna was pushing around a shopping cart in the kitchen. It reminded me of the cheap plastic red and yellow shopping cart I used to have when I was a kid and was telling Howard how much sturdier toys like that are nowadays. I also joked that our kids would push a cart around and pretend they're shopping, but I'd be like, "Okay, so you have the cheese and milk; do you have your coupons?" 

This last one is my FAVORITE! Haha, it's so true because coupons really are MONEY! Couponers always say that others pay with cash, and we just pay with coupons. That's why there's fraud with coupons because when people misuse it for the wrong products or don't put it in the couponing slot for self-checkout, it's basically a form of stealing. The store needs to submit the coupons to the manufacturer to be reimbursed, and some people just ruin it. Boo to all those couponers who do it dishonestly and make it harder for the rest of us. Anyway, it's pretty cool especially when you get high value coupons because it covers more of the cost of the product. Personally, I love $0.75 coupons on single items as I know they'll double to $1.50 in the supermarkets. That's a lot to save on one item, wouldn't you say?

If you haven't yet started, maybe it's time for you to give it a try! I feel that even if you don't do the "extreme couponing" route and instead save one dollar on each trip, that's still one more dollar you keep in your pocket instead of giving to the store. If you do grocery shopping once a week, that's $52 in a year! Pretty awesome deal, I think, just for using one or two coupons per trip!

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