Saturday, April 5, 2014

Goodbye Again (For Now)

This is the final CVS trip in a while unless they decide to send me another survey to get more ExtraBucks! I went to the  store with $11 ECB to spend. I was actually looking for something in particular. I had seen on Instagram that the Nexcare tape was on clearance for less than $1.50, but it was still givinng $5 in ECB for purchasing one. That's definitely a great moneymaker! Alas, both stores I went to didn't have them any longer. I wasn't really expecting there to be any left since I did check about 2-3 days after the deal was first posted.

However, I did see that the regular price tape was $4.99, so I grabbed two rolls of that. I figured it wouldn't hurt to have it since I did just get a supermarket injury recently! I still knew I needed a little more to use the ECB, so I grabbed one of my favorite snacks that was on clearance - Pop Chips! That meant that when I paid at self-checkout, I just had to put in $0.47 in change. Yay!

I rolled the $10 i got from the Nexcare into my final transaction. Tums are on sale this week for buy one get one 50% off. I know that I can probably find a bottle cheaper elsewhere like at Target, but nothing beats paying pocket change. I chose two bottles of my latest favorite, which is the Ultra Strength 1000 in Peppermint. I can't believe all along I've only been taking 750 when 1000 works so much better. Each was $5.99, so that meant both would be about $9. I still had another $1 in ECB, so I picked up another bag of Pop Chips.

I actually waited on the line again for the second transaction since there were others waiting due to two people being super confused and needing help. I didn't mind because then I had time to carefully tear the ECB fro mthe bottom of my receipt. The transaction was smooth and easy although any time I have high ECB amounts, it needs to be approved.  With another $0.47 (yes, they both came out to that same number, haha), I was done. Woohoo! So basically I consider the change I spent on my recent CVS trips was spent for the sake of the Tums that can be rather expensive. Everything else was just extras!


I just wanted to add that I thought it was nice to see there were still a few clearance blankets left for $0.99 when I was there that day. I know some people were able to get them for $0.39 elsewhere. If I had more ECB to spend, I definitely would have gotten some of these too. Couponers everywhere are picking them up because they're a great last minute small gift or good for gift baskets or for donations.

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