Wednesday, April 9, 2014

No More Junior!

Most of the time, I coupon to spend as little out of pocket as possible. But once in a while, a great deal pops up for something that's clearly NOT a necessity. Well, let me clarify that statement. It might not be a necessity for YOU, but in this case, it was definitely a must have for me! 

I had seen on Free Stuff Finder (one of the freebies/coupon/deals sites I check) that there was a deal for Scattergories. The great part of the deal was that there's currently a $5 off coupon! You can find it on I just didn't see a need for the two games listed in the scenario, but then I remembered Target's price matching policy. I checked Amazon and saw that the game was $9.99. With the manufacturer's coupon, I could get it for $4.99!

I was beyond excited because Scattergories is one of my FAVORITE games that I just don't have. My older brother had Scattergories Junior when we were growing up, and I just adored playing it. I really love any type of word game because they're challenging and they make my competitive side come out! When I've been on our church's retreat's social committee, I'm the one who always comes up with words games. I even got many of my past students into one particular definition word game called Blurt that I picked up at Christmas Tree Shops for just a few dollars. I just love how it's so fitting for all ages too. The Junior version only has a few letter options on that alphabet block that you roll. The categories are also rather general. So it was about time I finally got the regular version!

When I went to Target with my mom after work today, I checked the games aisle and saw that there was ONE MORE GAME LEFT! It was sitting there just waiting for me. Hooray!

I brought it to Guest Services so that it could be price matched. The policy online states that the customer needs to be able to show it on his/her phone or have a printout, so I had the Amazon page ready. The employee glanced at it and then looked it up on her tablet to verify and rung me up right there using the $5 coupon too. I was and still am so thrilled! Sure, I do only spend pocket change on shampoo and dish detergent, but this is definitely worth the cost. Even so, I'm so glad I was able to get it so much cheaper!

I'm looking forward to playing this game. I don't know who else is into it as much as I am though other than some of my former students. The funny thing is that YEARS ago on the last day of school of either the 2008 or 2009 year, one of my former students that I nicknamed Apple Andrew (he gave me an apple on my first day of teaching, and I assigned nicknames to my kids so that my mom would remember who was who when I told her stories) brought Scattergories because they were allowed to bring in board games. A bunch of us played round after round of it, and I was enjoying myself so much!

Then a few years later, I was moving books from another classroom into my own room since I had received a big green cabinet for storage. I found the game at the top of a cabinet and knew it had been there for at least the past two years. It didn't even occur to me that it could have been Apple's game. I figured another teacher had left it there. Since no one was using it, I brought it back to my classroom just in case there was ever an opportunity to play it before a long holiday break. 

When Apple's younger sister Christina was in the 8th grade, I pulled it out to play on the last day of school. She exclaimed, "Wait, I think that's Andrew's!" I hadn't opened it earlier, so we checked the box and saw the names of his classmates on the sheets of paper because that's when it was last played! Haha, we laughed about it so hard because it was so funny that years later, Christina would be able to bring it home after we enjoyed playing round after round. 

It's been almost a year since that happened, and I'm definitely ready to play some more because it's been too long. Who's with me?

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