Thursday, April 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Hashbrown Cake

I spent the day at my parents' house today because I had to go get a minor issue on our car fixed. Someone in our apartment building accidentally scratched the side when backing out, so my dad and I drove to the garage at 9 in the morning. Long story short, the car wasn't fixed today, but it wasn't a waste of a day because I also had plans to clean up the stuff that I didn't take with me when I got married and moved out. It was a lot of hard work because the bulk of the day was spent moving furniture and organizing things that weren't even mine! It's a good thing I actually LOVE organizing! And, of course, I got to spend the day with my parents but mainly my mom who was in the rooms with me organizing as well. 

My arms and legs are beyond achy at this point from moving a bookcase a few times along with a dresser and desk. They have that "I carried too much weight" feeling inside them, but I know after a night of rest, I should be okay. Considering the exhaustion, I'm going to write a quite "Throwback Thursday" post for tonight.

Back in 2004, a bunch of us at church were talking about how cake is not always really exciting, but if the cake were made out of something like hashbrowns, there'd be smiles on our faces! My friend Teresa (I call her "Tough" because she, my cousin Danielle, and I used to be "Rough, Tough, and Dough") decided to actually surprise us one day with hashbrown cakes! They were for our birthdays (belated and early), and Danielle and I were extremely excited about it! Teresa even popped candles in those delicious McD's patties of goodness.

Since then, I have grown to really like cake as long as it has some sort of chocolate in it (ex. vanilla cake with chocolate frosting or chocolate cake or chocolate mousse), but there's something extra special about the one that my friend made for me. I will always remember the deliciousness fondly!

And no, we didn't eat all of those hashbrowns in one sitting!

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