Sunday, April 27, 2014

Who Wants to Play?

A little over two weeks ago, I posted how I finally purchased Scattergories, which was and is one of my favorite games. Well, I added to my game collection this past week when I bought Taboo! This too was and is one of my favorite games! I remember when the wife of one of our former pastors at church introduced the game to us in youth group, and thereafter, so many of us were so eager to play any time we had a chance at a fellowship/barbecue/party at someone's house or at summer retreat.

One of the couples at church has the first edition of Taboo with the card holder and the buzzer. We had so much fun playing guys vs. girls when we had a couples potluck at their house last November. The girls won, of course, haha.

The newer version is a little different in that there is no holder (and I read that they don't fit in the old one) and there's a squeaker instead of a buzzer so there's no need for a battery. It does cost a lot less than the original, but the reason I chose this one was there are new words!

Since I printed out a $5 Hasbro game coupon that expired today, I knew I had to pick it up this past week. I kept checking the product page on Amazon so that I could price match it the same way I did with Scattergories, but the cost kept fluctuating between $9.99 and $16! I reread Target's price match policy and saw that they also will honor the prices at Best Buy, Walmart, Babies R Us, and Toys R Us. I checked Walmart and saw that the game was $11.80 but that there was also a rollback option on select Hasbro games including Taboo for $9.97! Score! A quick trip to customer service and a few minutes later, I was the owner of Taboo for just $5.85 including tax. The wonderful thing is that I used a Swagbucks gift card, so I didn't pay a cent out of pocket. How exciting!

I think that my obsession with word games is due to my mom. When I was young, she introduced Boggle to me, and we'd sit on the bed and the two of us would play rounds of Boggle! I remember how she'd write words that I didn't know, and when I asked her what they meant, sometimes we would look them up in the dictionary. I remember on one occasion, she found the word "gin" and we only knew it from "Gin Rummy," so we looked it up and I learned it was alcohol, haha. I guess those rounds of Boggle and the few times our family played Scrabble (which is, strangely, one of the word games I actually don't like anymore) stuck with me. Even when I was on the social committee for the church's summer retreat, I was the one who always made up games that had to do with words or letters whether they had to be drawn/acted and then guessed. 

Now that I have this game, who's ready to play? 

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