Saturday, April 26, 2014

Recent Target Deals

Followers of my blog will clearly see that Target has started to become my one stop shop even though I still do hit the grocery stores for items that I can't find. At first, I preferred the supermarkets because of their policy on doubling coupons, but when the deal is better at Target. Plus, the added benefit is that lately I have no paid ONE CENT when it comes to my hauls. Though I still use coupons, of course, the reason why I haven't had to take out my wallet is because I've had Shopkick gift cards and been claiming $25 gift cards from Swagbucks. So far I've claimed $240 (a mix of Target and iTunes cards), and I'm waiting on another $50 right now (Target again and Amazon). If you're not using Swagbucks yet, you're missing out! If you decide to sign up, use my link here, please! I do benefit if you go through my referral link.

This was an old deal that I purchased on April 16. The Suave shampoo was the same as this post here. I actually did this deal 3 times, so I got a total of 9 bottles for free as I just kept rolling gift cards. The Frosted Mini Wheats was a great deal. I actually had to search for the 18 oz boxes because those were the only ones included in the promotion. I finally found them behind the cereal next to the other boxes! I wonder if someone tried to hide them, haha. I actually found 6, so my mom was able to get in on this deal too. They were on sale for $2.50 each, but there was a 50% Cartwheel offer and a manufacturer's coupon for $3 off 3 boxes of cereal! You can bet I printed a bunch of those when I had the chance! I could have printed more, but I forgot about it. Thankfully, it was actually a coupon offered on Kellogg's Family Rewards, so I still have at least 2 to use. That meant each box was just $0.25! Score! Lastly, the eggs were on sale that week for just $0.99, but I had Target mobile coupons for $0.50 off a dozen. Recently, the Incredible Edible Egg Facebook page had a rare coupon for $0.55 off any 2 dozen eggs, so I was able to use that as well making each box just $0.22. My mom did a transaction with the eggs as well, but she only needed one carton so that's why I have 3 in the picture. 

One of the deals from this past week was one I found in the Target ad. I didn't really see it on Instagram at all, but since we were in need of Band-Aids, it was a great price for me. The deal was buy 2 get 1 free, but I saw that there was a $2 off 3 coupon on HealthyEssentials. Each box was $6.49, so after the promotion and coupon, each box came out to $3.66 (about $0.06 per bandage). My mom mentioned that it might be cheaper at Costco, but we don't necessarily need all the different sizes. Plus, these were the fabric ones that don't come off when you wash your hands, so I was happy. I should probably put some in my bag, right? That way if I get injured at Stop & Shop again, I'll be prepared!

I actually went back to buy more Band-Aids The plastic strips were, of course, much less. Each box cost $2.29, so after the buy 2 get 1 free and the $2 coupon, it came out to just $0.86 each. On one of the clearance endcaps, they had the Up & Up brand of adhesive bandages for over $2! This was definitely a steal. Now we are completely stocked on Band-Aids, and I don't have to think about it for a while!

This last picture is clearly a luxury and not a necessity. I happened to see that there was a Target printable coupon for $1.50 off 2 bags and a manufacturer's coupon for $1.00 off 2 bags. I decided I was going to take a look at the price and see if it was worth purchasing, and let me tell ya, it was! They were on sale for $3! With the 10% Cartwheel offer, each bag cost only $1.52. That's much better than any clearance Easter candy because Dove chocolate is so decadent! After having one of the almond ones, I picked up the hazelnut ones on another Target trip. Normally I share my chocolate and candy with my former colleagues when I make little cards or treat bags once in a while when I sub, but these might be the ones I decide to hoard for myself, hehe.

There are other less exciting items purchased like sandwich fixings, but these were my favorite deals. And like I said earlier, out of pocket cost was absolutely NOTHING!

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