Thursday, April 3, 2014

Out of the Mouths of the Kiddos

For 3 days this week, I went to school to help with the state test proctoring. Since the test is only in the morning, my afternoons were filled with a random assortment of classes as I made up preps that teachers missed due to the schedule changes. That meant that I actually had more uh, lovely opportunities to be with the younger elementary school kids. As I've mentioned before, it's not really something I prefer, but I have to say that the little kids also say the funniest things! I just had to write some of them down.

On Wednesday when I did lunch duty for the 2nd lunch period with the 1st to 5th graders, one of the 1st graders came up to me while I was standing there watching over the cafeteria. She asked me, "Do you have a baby?" I replied, "No, not yet." Then she asked, "When are you going to have a baby?" Haha, I wasn't sure what to say, but thankfully being in a Christian school, I was able to answer her by saying, "When God decides." She seemed satisfied with my response and went back to her seat.

I told her mom this morning since she's a teacher at the school, and she burst out laughing! She explained that recently her daughter had seen two pregnant women. Plus, she heard me being called by my new last name so her mom explained that I had gotten married. She must have thought that if I'm married, I must be having a baby soon!

During that same period, a few of the 2nd grade girls called out my name and beckoned me over. One of the girls is Chinese and gets all these great things for lunch, so she tipped her thermos towards me so I could see as she said, "Law bok go" (in English, it would be the pan fried turnip cake that you can get for dim sum). I said, "That's my FAVORITE! I love that so much; that would be such a great lunch!" My mom is a para in that class, so she must have told her I love eating it. When someone else asked her, "What is that?" the girl quickly replied, "Law bok go," which got my mom and I laughing that she answered in Chinese! It was just too cute.

As much as I love hearing the adorable things that they say, I still prefer middle school!

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