Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Childhood Wish Kinda Fulfilled

Last Thursday, my parents, Howard, and I went out at night to get a few important things done. My car decided it was time to turn on its "Check Engine" light. It has done it in the past when it rained or snowed, but it never stayed on completely. I was actually asked to sub that day, but I'm glad I said no because I didn't feel comfortable driving the car. It felt as if I were pushing it a little when I stepped on the gas. After taking it to Sears with my dad, we decided to take it to a mechanic in Queens who has taken care of our cars in the past. It worked out because my parents needed to stop by my brother's place to take care of his fish while he and my sister-in-law were on vacation in Japan and Hong Kong.

When we entered their condo, I saw that they had two of the things I made for them on their fridge! The two fish in the fish bowl was made for their wedding a little over a year ago (click here for that post). I knew just how much my brother loved fish, so I knew exactly what card to make when they got married. 

I made the 3-D car for them this past Christmas and just stuck a printed out Amazon gift card rolled up in the middle. I saw the idea on A Paper Journey and pinned it to Pinterest because I loved the idea of just doing the mirror image of the cut and making something 3-D. The car that looks exactly like the Little Tikes car that we both admired as kids but never had was cut from the B is for Boy cartridge. Just like the author of the blog that was my inspiration, I too loved the Lite cartridge because of that cut! 

A few months before Christmas, my brother had sent out an email that had a list that was on BuzzFeed or some other site like that showcasing toys that came out when we were kids, and that was on the list. He commented to my mom that we never got it even though he wanted it so much, so I immediately knew I would eventually use this cut for him! It's things like this that make crafting extra fun!


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    1. Thanks! I think it's funny just how many people loved this car!